Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Do You Live in Cleveland?

That's right. This is an American Bald Eagle. In my backyard last Sunday. That would be about W. 112th and Lake Erie, within site of downtown. Probably only 3 years old as his wing span was at least 6-7ft., but it's not yet acquired a white head.


And below, just yesterday, a beautiful deer who got so comfortable after he ate a good chunk of my foliage, he took a nap. That was until my five-year old and Wheaten Terrier decided to go catch him. Last week we saw a couple of gigantic Turkey Vultures hunting on the shore. I can hear an Owl somewhere in the trees right now but can't catch a glimpse of him.

Can you believe this is Cleveland?

Unfortunately for the deer, he's not in a good place for his health. Can't even imagine what he is doing right now in an urban setting.

It's a funny thing, I drafted a flyer to help sell our house last week and in it I wrote the description: "bucolic Medina woods feel with a view of the skyline." I had no idea how bucolic at the time. Anyone want to buy a house?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Never in My Life...

My recent journey out at night to see the legendary Leslie West and Mountain at Wilbert's was a bit of a disappointment. Not only was the audience in short supply, but the artist must have felt affronted as well because he only played for a little over an hour. He got the classics in but in the end, he was only a mere shell of his former self.

It was the first eight-track I ever owned; 'Best of Mountain," and because it was the first, it got played at least a hundred times before I purchased John Lennon's ‘Mind Games.’ It’s funny how certain songs or albums can get inside you and be played over and over with out burning-out.

How would you rate Sting today? (picture) It was a decent concert last winter at the convo center, but seemed to be lacking the punch that we all know he's got inside of him.

A friend and I were discussing vintage artists and their ability to stay relevant. The ‘Stones’ super bowl performance was just miserable for example. What happened to Dylan between 78-95? I came across the ‘Last Waltz' on HD last week for the very first time. What a classic! I was mesmerized by it. It took me back to my roots and re-awakened the musical junkie within. That stage was just full of raw energy and talent. Kudo’s to Scorsese in what must have been one of his first movies; actually a documentary.

Begs the question; what makes great artists sustain? Can only the exuberance of youth and frustration lead to true passion in music? Is it possible for great artists to keep at peak performance after accumulating untold wealth and comfort?

James Blunt. The first new artist I’ve experienced in a while that is coming right from the soul. Proves the sixties wasn’t the only basis for great music. Hope he stays tuned in.

‘Bring me a shot of whiskey… and a little bit of loving... too.’