Thursday, December 01, 2005

To post or not to post...

Well, I finally did it... Got a blog set-up that is.

My friend John Ettorre warns if you don't have the time, it's really a waste of time; in other words, keep consistently writing if you want to be successful at it. And what a wonderful writer he is. Someone I envy for being so good at expressing himself.

I don't know if I have the chops, but I'm willing to give it a try. I did start a blog some time ago with my friend and founder of OneCleveland, Lev Gonick. But since I only posted a couple of times, I won't count it.

The other person who has really inspired me to write over the years use to be my high school newspaper editor. I was a part-time hippy photographer in 1975 that could not conform and Kevin Miller took me under his wing. We lost touch with each other after high school but within the first few months of my becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I accidentally ran into him at a bar in Westpark. After a couple of snorts I talked him into joining me in business and we became good friends and business partners.

Kevin's a brilliant writer, producer and director and has gone on to win many national and international awards for his documentary films, including the one I won with him at the 1990 International Television and Film Festival of New York; “Kids in Crisis.” His passion stayed with filmmaking, mine drifted towards computers, we parted business lives but have stayed close friends since. Kevin is one of those lone entrepreneurs I always talk about in this community. Creative and inspiring with no interest in building a fiefdom—just committed to great work.

Anyway, I got into a heated argument with Kevin last Sunday in the kitchen of my home for not using his god given talent for communicating by blogging on his life's work. All he gave me back was a bunch of bull about being too busy, having to raise two boys by himself and blah, blah, blah, blah and blah. It wasn't until after I wanted to deck him that I realized I wasn't even drinking my own kool-aid (and before my wife adeptly pointed it out to me as well.)

So here it is. I hope I can sustain it but I intend to talk about all kinds of things digital and community and welcome the interaction with the rest of the blogsphere.



Jill said...

Good luck, Ron. Your posts make you sound much older than 50. ;)

steveg said...

It's about time and welcome, Ron. It is much easier to read your thoughts in a central spot than looking in the comment sections of all the other NEO bloggers. Look forward to more insightful revelations.

BTW Blogs are great ways to launch mayorial campaigns..hint, hint.;)

The Full Cleveland said...

Keep on bloggin'.

Daniella said...

Nice to see the essence after listening to the fury!

Welcome to the NEO blogger community.


kevinmiller said...

He really didn't want to "deck" me, rather he has this irresistable urge to lecture me. . .as well he should. Ron Copfer is a genius...that's why I've let him hang out with ME all of these years!